Birthing by Design

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I accept HSA and will make a payment plan that will fit your budget!

Virtual Doula

"Doula in your pocket"


Feeling isolated, anxious, & unsupported? Need someone to talk to about your pregnancy & impending birth who has solutions for your unique situation? Worried about birthing in a hospital while health care professionals are under such strain?

Virtual Doula Support offers personalized, compassionate care you can count on. As your doula, I will support you in pregnancy, throughout labor, and through the first 6 weeks postpartum.


~Private video chats each month  
~Free coupon code for SupportingHer online class for your partner ($49 value)
~Unlimited emails, texts, & phone calls

What we discuss:

common pregnancy concerns & discomforts, preparation for birth, preparing to bring baby home

During labor:

~24/7 unlimited video chats, phone calls, texts in labor to help you navigate the birth experience

What we discuss:

comfort measures, labor positions, tips to help you progress, ways to create a more comfortable environment, how to advocate for your wishes, how to understand what an intervention is and why it may or may not be necessary, extra encouragement for your partner


~weekly video/phone chat for the first 3 weeks, with one final video call at 6 weeks

What we discuss:

healing, bonding, feeding, sleeping, basic newborn care, sibling adjustment, mental health check in