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Other Classes

Fertility Awareness Method

$75 group class/$120 private session

This class is designed to introduce you to the Fertility Awareness Method. This is a form of natural family planning. Couples may choose to use this method as a form of birth control, to aid in pregnancy achievement, or to have a greater understanding of the female cycle. Many women are able to use this method who suffer from infertility, PCOS, irregular cycles, it can be used while breastfeeding, and may be appropriate for women seeking a form of birth control that is non-hormonal. This class is designed for couples, and partner participation is welcomed! After the initial class, I will follow you for 3 cycles and will be available for phone and e-mail consultations to help you interpret your charts, as needed. 

Includes class notes, basal thermometer, and a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler! ($25 off if you already own the book, but you must bring it to class to receive discount)

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Sibling Preparation

Group class $20*** 

Private class $30

$10 each additional child

This class is designed for big brothers and sisters ages 18 months-5yrs. Together with their parents, they will learn how a newborn baby looks and sounds, how baby is cared for by mom and dad, what they can realistically expect to do with a young baby, how the baby will grow and how their relationship with the baby will change over the baby's first year. We will practice with dolls, watch a short video, do a craft, and they will receive a graduation certificate!

***If registering for the group class, you must call Baby's Sweet Beginnings at 

716-681-8100 to hold your spot! 

Contact me directly to book your private class.


 $90, $40 additional daughter


This class is for mothers together with their daughters ages 8-18 as they learn about the changes their body makes to grow into adulthood, and how to chart their cycles. This is taught from a Biblical perspective.